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Race Reports

Derby Runner XC League Race 3 - Martinshaw Wood - Sunday 12th January 2020

The latest cross country league race was over a new course, devised in Martinshaw Wood near Groby. F&K had 7 ladies and 4 men running over what sounded like very muddy ground, with some puddles, ditches and tree roots also to be negotiated in the course of the race, which was just under 6 miles long. Mike Higgins was first over the line for the men, followed by Jim, Tom and Alan. The ladies race started separately and Lorna backed up her excellent performance last week by finishing 10th this week, showing great form! She was followed home by Bernie, Emma, Abby, Emma, Louise and Tor.

Derby Runner XC League Race 1 - Holly Hayes Wood - Sunday 17th November 2019

We had 4 men and 5 ladies from F&K taking part in the opening race of the cross-country (XC) season on Sunday. The venue was Holly Hayes Wood in Whitwick, near Coalville, and the recent wet weather played a part in creating a very muddy and waterlogged course. Mike Higgins was first home for the men in 197th, with Bernie Owen first lady in 82nd. Following Mike on the men’s team were Jim Hawley, Mike Turner and Andy Kemp. For the ladies, Bernie was followed by Emma, Jude Hughes, Abby and Lizzie.

Equinox 24 Weekend – 20th to  22nd September 2019

Well, what a fantastic weekend at the 24 hour Equinox Challenge at Belvoir Castle. We put in 3 teams, 2 large and one small and with a bit of creative planning were able to ensure that we had a representative for each team out on the course throughout the 24 hours. Thanks to the 3 team captains for doing a great job of ensuring that everybody was able to do as many laps as possible. As usual, we had enough food to feed a small army and the fire pit throughout the night made sure that those who were not sleeping were kept warm and comfy.  Getting by on minimum sleep made the challenge ever more interesting and the turn in the weather led to a last minute scramble to pack away tents while they were still dry. The weather, however, for the most part was glorious, with the sun cream in use on Saturday, albeit umbrellas for part of Saturday morning.

Scrambled Legs completed 23 laps to finish 83rd in a time of 24 hours 11 minutes 20 seconds.

“Another F&King Lap” completed 23 laps to finish 86 in a time of 24 hours 18 minutes 14 seconds.

“F&King Small Team” completed 23 laps to finish 89th in a time of 24 hours 20 minutes 49 seconds.

We achieved some brilliant results, with good performances put in by a number of new and guest runners.

Launde 6 - Sunday 25th August 2019

The race was well organised and even though we set off straight into a steep hill, the middle section of the race was nicely rolling and it wasn't until about 5 miles that we hit the sting in the tail. Having said that, once I crawled up that last hill, there was a nice downhill finish to collect my bottle of beer which was the race memento. Some strong running by all, particularly by Lorna who was second F40. There was some good-natured rivalry and encouragement as a few of us finished in about the same time and kept passing each other.

Full provisional results:

Lorna Muskett 44:29; Jim Hawley 51:31; Alan Gibson 53:28; Kirit Patel 53:36; Vince Brown 53:42; Matt Rix 54:34; John Redfearn 54:56; John Clampin 55:18; Vicky Beaumont 55:49; Emma Boyd 58:16; Louise Faye 01:07:40; Tor Hawley 01:10:35

Vicky Beaumont, Vincent Brown, Louise Faye, Andrew Findlay , Jim Hawley, Andy Kemp, Lorna Muskett

Carl Rutt 10k Memorial Race - Sunday 11th August 2019

At the race this morning, we had 11 Fleckney and Kibworth  members participating on a challenging, undulating course. The weather was warm, and mainly dry, but  with a welcome slight shower towards the end.
The finishing order for the club is as follows: First for F & K was Ashley Warburton (recent return to competitive running) in 44 mins. 54 secs., followed by Lorna  Muskett 45.46, Tom Bushell 47.32, Bernie Owen 48.23, Mike Turner 51.20, Kirit Patel 53.23, Matt Rix 54.37, Vicky Beaumont 55.56, Andy and Jim (together) 59.00,and finally Abby Davis 61.49.
Well done everyone.  Great running.

Joy Cann 5 - Wednesday 31st July 2019

We had a good turnout with Lorna back to her usual form and finishing first for the club in 36.15. Thank you to John for the drinks at his camper van at the end!

We fielded a team of 12 runners at the race hosted by Huncote Harriers. The forecast thunder storms thankfully stayed away and runners enjoyed good conditions on an undulating, and relatively fast course.

Lorna Muskett was first home for the Club in a time of 36:16 (Silver Standard) and claimed 29^th position for the Ladies. Tom Bushell and Jim Hawley led the way for the men with times of 37:20 and 37:34 respectively. Bernie Owen was 2^nd in her Age/Gender category with a time of 37:45 (Diamond Standard).

Other runners on the night were Alan Gibson (40:18) , John Redfearn (41:12 Silver), Jamie Owen (42:12), Kirit Patel 42:37), Emma Boyd (43:24), Abby Davies (44:10), Tor Hawley (49:42) and Natalie Gray (51:19)

Prestwold 10K - Sunday 23rd June 2019

Earlier start time 10:00 am. Dry, warm, but with some breeze.  Lorna was first home for the club, making a strong return to racing. Jim was first home for the men, I followed Jim, and was beaten to the V60 prize by 1 second.
Lorna Musket (45.31), Jim Hawley (46.21), Bernie Owen (46.52) Alan Gibson (50.46), Andy Findlay (51.25), Vicky Beaumont (51.33), Kirit Patel (52.10), Andy Kemp (55.59), Natalie Gray (63.49), Tor Hawley (64.11), Holly Brennan (66.38) and Ellen Burbidge (70.54).

Swithland 6 - LRRL - Sunday 2nd June 2019

A deceptive course this, it appears to have only a couple of hills, but always manages to grind me down by about 4 miles in! I think maybe its because the ups seem to drag on for ages but the downs are over far too soon, or at least it seems that way to me. Still, an enjoyable route, particularly the first section around the edge of Swithland Reservoir, accompanied by the sound of a steam train. One passer by helpfully told us we'd missed the train! 12 runners from the club lead home by Tom. Well done all!

Tom Bushell 44:41; Jim Hawley 47:50; Vince Brown 49:25; Alan Gibson 50:14; Vicky Beaumont 50:58; Matt Rix 51:58; Andy Kemp 53:03; Tor Hawley 1:01:06; Louise Faye 1:01:07; Natalie Gray 1:05:36; Ellen Burbidge 1:07:51; Holly Bremner 1:08:08 Upcoming Races Leicestershire Road Running League (LRRL) 2019

Bosworth Half Marathon - LRRL - Sunday 5th May 2019

At the latest league race, Alex Smyth was first home in 1.43.18, followed by Bernie Owen who won her age category in 1.43.39. Next back was Jim Hawley in 1.50.08, Vicky Beaumont in 1.57.18 and Tor Hawley in 2.23.37.

Desford 5 – LRRL - Sunday 31st March 2019

This popular 5 mile race took place this morning in breezy, but bright conditions, and our club was represented by a good number of runners, including some doing their debut race.
First home for F & K was Alex Smyth in 36.04, followed by Jim Hawley 37.16, Mike Turner 39.06, Andy Kemp 43.18, Jo Raine 49.53, Tor Hawley 50.13, Dan Pedley 50.19, Holly Bremner 52.09, Natalie Gray 52.23  and Elizabeth Oliver 53.19.
Well done to everyone,  Great running.

Kibworth 6 - Sunday 17th March 2019

Race 2 of LRRL saw a good number of the club turn out to run and there was also plenty of encouragement on the way round. The day started bright and sunny, but with a chilly wind blowing right in our faces on the way up into Saddington. We soon warmed up though on the first of the 2 tough climbs on this hilly route. Some excellent running, Tom B led the team home, plus special mentions to Andy K and Sarah B who both ran PB times, and Bernie was 2nd in her category. Well done all!

Draft results below. Andy F didn't have a chip time on the results so I've guessed based on taking a few secs off the gun time.
Tom Bushell 44:03; Sam Litchfield 46:23; Bernadette Owen 46:45; James Hawley 48:05; Graham Pickering 48:17; Mike Turner 48:57; Vincent Brown 48:47; Lisa Stone 49:58; Alan Gibson 50:08; Andrew Findlay 52:30?; Matthew Rix 52:57; Kirit Patel 53:13; Anna-Maria Walsh 53:21; Sarah Barbour 54:29 PB; Andy Kemp 56:05 PB; Joanne Raine 61:18; Victoria Hawley 63:34

Derby Runner XC League - Bosworth (Race 6 of 6) Sunday 3rd March

Hosted by Hinckley RC at Bosworth Battlfield. There were 6 of us representing Fleckney & Kibworth.
First home for the club was Jim Hawley in 51.37, followed by Mike Turner in 52.07, then Bernie Owen 54.03, Matt Rix, 55.53, Andy Kemp, 60.41 and Tor Hawley, 68.32.  Well done to everyone.

Bradgate Park XC - Sunday 9th December 2018

For the men, Andy Findlay was first home in 243rd place in a time of 47.45,  followed by Alan 274th in 51.46, then Andy K. 301st  in 59.54.

For the ladies, I was first home, 68th in 47.20,  followed by Jude, 123rd in 53.29, Kim A. 146th in 55.50, then Jo. Raine 190th in 67.25.

Well done to everyone, especially Andy K. on his first come back race, and also to Jo, who stopped to help an injured runner en route.

Leicester Half Marathon - Sunday 14th October 2018

We had 9 F & K runners finishing, in the following order:

Vince Brown - (1.48:33), Lisa Stone - (1.50:56),  John Clampin - (1.52:14),  Alan Gibson - (1.55:04),  Kirit Patel - (1.55:56), Vicky Beaumont - (1.59:59),  Russell Bland - (2.05:25),  Andy Emmins - (2.05:25) and Karen Page - (2.14:10).

Equinox 24, Belvoir Castle - 22nd / 23rd September 2018

We had a stellar line-up for this year's Equinox 24, including one solo runner, two large teams (up to 8) and one small team (up to 5). If you are unfamiliar with the concept, the idea is to run as many 10km laps as possible within 24 hours, starting at midday Saturday and finishing at midday Sunday. The competition is open to solo runners, pairs, small teams and large teams.

The star of the show was undoubtedly Jude Hughes who attempted the solo competition this year and chalked up an incredible 10 laps (that's 100km or 62 miles). Jude completed her 10 laps within 18 hours and, having decided that her target had been achieved, promptly went to bed with 6 hours still to go. Nonetheless, she probably looked the freshest F&K runner at the event all weekend despite clocking up more miles than everyone else and more than double the amount that most people ran. She also has the brightest socks. Nice one Jude!

The two large teams were well balanced in terms of abilities, with no obvious "elites" or "donkeys" in either line-up. Matt's "Meet the F&Kers" achieved a credible 23 laps within their 24 hours, with all team members chipping in nicely and there were doubtless some personal achievements within those 23 laps that would deserve a mention if I had more energy with which to type them out. The other large team, "Scrambled Legs", went one better and got round 24 laps overall, with Hannah finishing things off nicely at the end after she had taken a tumble on the flattest section of tarmac on the course during her first lap and come back bloodied and bruised (not to mention the time she wasted getting patched up the the first aiders!). John also deserves a mention for his unwavering leadership and rapid final lap for Scrambled Legs, he went that fast his flat cap almost came off.

Finally, we had the team of 5, "Little F&Kers", the line-up for which had been agreed almost a year ago at the Mini-AGM. What a fateful evening that turned out to be, with us all left questioning why we agreed to this and, indeed, questioning our very sanity during the course of the weekend. Tad went out first with a (suicidal) 38min opening lap and all ran fairly smoothly for the first 12 hours or so, despite heavy rain showers in the afternoon that were none too pleasant for Sally, Mike and Vince. Vince undoubtedly won the award for best chef of the weekend, keeping everyone well fed with sausages, bacon, burgers etc. during the course of Saturday. Unfortunately, at some point, nightfall inevitably came, and things started to go downhill alarmingly during the night. Some early warning signs for Tad when he came back feeling none too fresh (gone out a bit quick on that first lap maybe?), then Sally become the first proper casualty, as her knee gave up the ghost on her fourth lap. She valiantly completed the fourth lap but there was no way she could continue afterwards and no-one questioned her commitment to the team, it was just such a shame for her.

Shame the rest of us would then have to run extra laps too! We decided to keep the same running order minus Sally and the remaining contingent completed our 5th laps, mainly still in darkness. Even after "sunrise", the weather remained cloudy, dull and cold, so spirits were hardly lifted after a hard night with very little sleep and far too many miles run. Still, at least Bernie was still looking as fresh as ever. Tad finished his 5th lap almost crawling across the line, after feeling totally wrecked all the way round, and promptly announced that he would "rather not do a 6th lap". So second casualty then, could we hang on and keep running for the full 24 hours? After we had all finished our 5th laps, a new plan was hastily thrown together. Obviously, the freshest looking person (i.e Bernie) would run again and after that... well we all assumed that would take us past 24 hours and no-one else would run again.

Vince had other ideas. He completed his 5th lap in an insanely fast time and handing over to Bernie at 10.53am. The horror gradually dawned on us that Bernie would likely complete the lap before midday and so someone would have to run again. Surely they wouldn't send the young lad out again to face the music? With Sally out of action, surely one of the more experienced campaigners would take the reigns and save Tad another death march? Mike? Vince? No? So rather than sit around and let the team finish on 25 laps when there was the possibility of us completing another lap, Tad reluctantly took over at around 11.55am to jog round the final 10km of the weekend. He got lucky... 5mins earlier, the sun came out for the first time all weekend and there were glorious views along the course that previously had not revealed themselves due to the miserable weather. After "a nice steady one" Tad crossed the line at around 12.40pm and the Little F&Kers finished on an admirable 26 laps after what had undoubtedly been an uncomfortable and challenging weekend for all. The team finished 19th out of 135 small teams. Not bad for a couple of villages that no-one's ever heard of and probably the smallest club in the local leagues. Bernie was un-exhaustable as ever and floated over the wet, muddy ground with her usual grace throughout the 60km she covered.

Thanks to all who ran, and also to all the "roadies" who made sure we were all fed, watered, and, most importantly, entertained throughout the whole weekend. There were some amazing homemade cakes on offer in our club "kitchen", along with some even more amazing conversations taking place round the campfire, which kept us all warm through the long, cold night (thanks Jude!). Thanks mainly for all your wonderful company, and I'm sure that once the fatigue has worn off I will consider it a weekend to remember.

Great North Run - Sunday 9th September 2018

It was another warm day for the Great North Run again this year, we had good representation with Stacey, Claire, Alan, Kirit and Aileen running. Stacey Voss led the way in 1:36:00 followed by Alan Gibson (2:01:38), Claire Beach (2:05:08), Kirit Patel (2:12:15) and Aileen Collins (2:39:07). 

John Fraser 10 - Sunday 2nd September 2018

13 club members took on the challenge of the John Fraser 10 mile road race, the last in the season. In much warmer conditions than last year, we produced some fantastic efforts, with all completing the course. First home was Hannah (77 mins 30 secs.), followed by Alex ( 78 mins), Bernie (79 mins 30 secs), followed closely by Jim, Vince, Vicky, Tom, Andy Lorna, Alan, Tor, Michelle and Jo.  Well done to all.

Carl Rutt Memorial 10k - Hermitage - Sunday 12th August 2018

Cooler conditions prevailed today compared to what we have been used to in recent weeks and that was a relief for the runners in this hilly 10km at Whitwick.
Both our Men's and Ladies' captains continued their excellent recent form, with Andy Kemp running 3min10s faster than the same race last year and Bernie Owen finishing 1st in her FV60 age category. The finishing order for F&K was Jim, John R, Andy F, Sally, Vicky, Alan and Andy K. I'm sure Alan will be pleased to get one over on Andy K after trailing him in recent races, well done on a good run Alan, show the skipper how it's done! I'm sure we will be reading about your glorious performance in the upcoming editions of the Chronicle/Communicata/Harborough Mail!!!

Joy Cann 5 - Wednesday 1st August 2018

Well done to everyone who ran the Joy Cann 5 on Wednesday, temperatures were a bit lower than of late but it was still a warm evening! We had 10 F&K runners taking part; Alex was first for the club in about 36 mins. Bernie finished first for ladies in 37.49 mins. Everyone did brilliantly particularly Andy K who took a minute off last years time.
This ever popular race was sold out weeks ago, but we still had a good turnout representing F&K:
Alex Smyth 36:02, Bernie Owen 37:49, Tom Bushell 37:52, Jim Hawley 38:39, Hannah Carter 38:44 (?), Sally Swift 40:04, Vicky Beaumont 40:49, Andy Kemp 41:33 (PB), Alan Gibson 42:37, Michelle Hodgson 49:07

Windmill Fell Race - Wednesday 11th July 2018

This is a popular but small race which sets off from the Curzon Arms in Woodhouse Eaves for 950ft of climbing over 5 country miles. Tad was our only representative and he finished 2nd overall, well done Tad!

Bosworth Half Marathon - Sunday 13th May 2018

Seven of us headed over to Market Bosworth on what turned out to be a warm and sunny day. The event was well organised, plenty of enthusiastic marshals and welcome water stations with sponges and energy drinks at mile 10. It was a scenic but undulating route, with a couple of long hills towards the end which nearly finished me off! Luckily the last mile was all flat or downhill.

First home for the club, and first in her category, was Bernie in 1 hr 40 mins 25 secs. Next was Lisa in 1hr 48 mins followed by Vicky 1hr 55mins, Alan finished in 2hrs 6 mins, Matt 2 hrs 10 and Jim and Tor finished together in approx. 2hrs 25 mins.

Aidey also ran the Keep The Beat mile around the water park and looked well pleased with his bag of goodies at the end!

Shropshire Weekend - 27th to 29th April 2018

It was great to have a handful of club members joining us on this year's F&K weekend away in the Shropshire hills, which is an area of outstanding natural beauty. On Friday, everyone made the relatively short (compared to last year) trip down the M6 and M54 into Shropshire, with various activities taking place en route. Martin and Matt decided to start as they meant to go on, by sampling one of the local pubs in Church Stretton, and they were the clear winners of the "first pint of the weekend" award. They did also take a stroll up onto the Long Mynd before heading to the campsite. Meanwhile, Andy, Sally, Tad, Mike and Jude pulled off the M54 at junction 7 and were treated to the delights of the Wrekin! The tone was set for the weekend when Tad pointed out the path that they were due to ascend:

Mike - "Haha very funny Tad"

Tad - "No, really, that's where we're going"

Mike - "I thought you were joking!"

...anyway, we eventually made it to the top of the ridge and the trig point/viewfinder at the summit. We would have been treated to spectacular views, but of course it was chucking down with rain and visibility was restricted to a few hundred metres. Then followed a hair-raising steep descent through thickly wooded slopes which I'm sure was enjoyed by all. We trotted back along a gently undulating path to the cars but of course Tad hadn't had enough so he carried on for another couple of hilly miles and managed to come back with a nicely mangled knee as per usual.

By late afternoon we had all made our way to the campsite at Marshbrook which John had kindly booked for us at a very reasonable price. The showers were hot which was a good thing as the temperatures were well under 10 degrees! The camping area was rather sodden but at least it had stopped raining so we were able to pitch the tents without getting completely soaked. Mike certainly left his own mark on the place when he unwisely took his car onto the grass and spun the wheels... another contender for comment of the weekend:

Mike: "how's that looking Andy?"

Andy: "yeah, I don't think anyone will notice that, Mike"

We had booked a table at the Green Dragon up the road in Little Stretton on Friday evening and the food there was excellent, particularly Mike's dessert which everyone else wished they'd chosen. John attempted to break Razzle's leg by treading on him at one point but fortunately that dog is made of sterner stuff and he was fine. Matt and Martin continued their drinking both during and after dinner, staying up until nearly midnight at the Station Inn which was (conviniently positioned) next door to our campsite.

On Saturday morning, one or two unnamed individuals may have been somewhat bleary-eyed, which of course was purely due to the sheep and lambs bleating loudly at 4am and stopping anyone getting any sleep, nothing to do with a hangover. After much faffing, we eventually got ourselves organised in Church Stretton at 10.30am (despite Andy's last minute attempt to derail everything by wearing the wrong shoes). A group of us headed up the Carding Mill Valley (passing Fred, Lorna and Jessica along the way, who were out for their own stroll) and along the top of the Long Mynd, where we were mistaken for participants of a new 80k race who were apparently setting a world record pace. We informed the organiser that we were in fact not record breaking athletes and he gave us some tips for future routes/races in the area. Then followed a beautiful descent alongside a stream with the sun shining down on us. We headed back to Church Stretton via one or two more nasty hills and of course, when we got back to the car, Tad still hadn't had enough so decided to tackle another ascent up Ragleth Hill and back - you know, just to stretch his legs a bit. Needless to say, Matt managed to get three pints down in the ale house in Church Stretton, because it would have been rude not to. Meanwhile, Martin, John and the others took a more leisurely stroll over Ragleth Hill and had lunch back at the Green Dragon in Little Stretton before walking back.

Later on we all retreated to the campsite (Matt seemed to stagger out of the car) and with some time still to kill before dinner, Mike, Jude, Tad and Martin took a brief stroll over the surrounding fields under the one condition that we were in no circumstances to get muddy, particularly as Martin was wearing his "going out" clothes. Unfortunately, at one point there was a loud squelch, followed by a collective "OHHH JUDE, WHY DID YOU BRING US THIS WAY?!" and it was bye-bye to Martin's idea of smartening himself up before dinner. We ate in the Station Inn that night which gave us the added convinience of not having to use the cars. Again, the food was well received, although some of us may have been guilty of neglecting our salad! Once more, Matt and Martin were the last ones to retreat to bed after a few more pints, although Tad did try his best to stick it out, but gave up around 10.15pm (lack of stamina?).

Sunday arrived with bright sunshine, although it was still very cold and there was a heavy dew on the campsite. Matt, Martin, John and Tad enjoyed a hearty breakfast at the Station Inn and everyone else got so sick of waiting for them that they decided to head off early to the starting point of the day's routes. Eventually, we all met up at the Stiperstones Nature Reserve car park, from where we did what Tad described as "just a steady one" onto the top of the Stiperstones and along the ridge before returning to the cars along a slightly different path. The path was very rocky in places and we had a brief flurry of hail, but mainly it was dry and there were excellent views over to the Long Mynd where we had been the previous day. For once, Tad didn't do any extra miles!

We then headed to the Stiperstones Inn for an excellent Sunday Roast (Matt had one last beer), before heading home. The retirees are staying on at the campsite until Thursday so there may be a few of us that are quite jealous when heading into work tomorrow thinking of them. Overall, we were very lucky with the weather, as we had reports of much rain in Leicester whilst it was mainly dry from Friday afternoon onwards in Shropshire.

Thanks to everyone who came along, I felt that it was a great trip and everyone seemed to have a lot of fun! Personally, I really enjoyed myself and was more than satisfied with what I was able to explore in the Shropshire hills. I look forward to getting back there in the not-too-distant future.

Madrid Half Marathon – 22 April 2018

Alex finished in 1 hr 37 minutes and Michelle Hodgson, running her first marathon finished 2 hrs 20 mins. Very well done both.

London Marathon - Sunday 22nd April 2018

On the hottest London Marathon to date, 40,000 runners took to the street of London to compete in this fantastic event.  For the first time, a wave start was introduced, to help ease congestion, and seemed to work.  Fleckney and Kibworth runners finished as follows : 

Rob Archer (3 hrs. 44 mins. 14 secs.)

Bernadette Owen (3 hrs. 53 mins. 24 secs.)

Hannah Carter (4 hrs. 12 mins. 54 secs.)

Kirit Patel (5 hrs. 42 mins. 55 secs.)

Very well done everyone

LRRL Stilton 7 - Sunday 25th February 2018

Well done to Alan, Anna-Maria, Andy Kemp and Clive for running the Stilton 7 this morning! All looked excellent coming across the line, and extra well done for Andy who averaged well under 9min pace for the whole run!

Report from Tom

Bowline Charnwood Hills Race - Sunday 4th February 2018

Charnwood Hills race. 14 miles over Old John, Broombrigs and Beacon Hill......hardly a walk in the park!

Chilly at the start but the sunshine was lovely. It wasn't long before runners hit the glupeiest of mud.

Cutting a long story short, the first club member home was Tad, in 12th place in a time of 1hr 41min, in West End colours, part of the winning team. Well done Tad.  Next home was Mike Turner, ahead of Lorna, (2hours 10 mins.)  John finished in 2 hours 35 mins. Jude, competing for the first time in the event finished in about 2 hours 45 mins. An excellent first run on this testing course. She amazingly ran every hill.  Sorry if these results are not quite accurate.  But well done to you all. Hope you are all enjoying a well deserved rest.

Derby Runner Cross Country League - Allestree - Sunday 21st January 2018

We arrived in a blizzard which continued throughout the race, but a great course. In 62nd place, first home for F & K was myself in approx. 60 minutes, next was Alan in  225th, 65 mins, followed by Sally 103rd lady in 66 minutes, followed shortly afterwards by Andy K in approx. 67 mins. 245th.  We had fun and games getting out of the snow covered car park, but thankfully managed to make our exit.

Report from Bernie

Huncote Hash - Sunday 31st December 2017

The recent rain and melted snow added some extra sloshes and splashes to this year's event, but that's all part of the fun! There were plenty of costumes and hats on show as most people outside of the business end of the field took this at a more leisurely pace than regular cross-countries. After a lap around the field behind the pavilion leisure centre, most of us took a leisurely stroll through the first mile or so as there were plenty of bottle necks through the woods and narrow paths near the start. Once out into the fields though things soon started opening up. We were glad of the slow start when we got to the first of 2 hills, so steep it had steps cut into the side of it! Great views were to be had at the top though, over into the quarry to one side and then over the county from the other. No time to enjoy the view from the highest point though because as soon as we got to the top of Croft Hill we were heading back down again into the fields and back towards the finish.

The extra bonus of a 20 metre wade through the stream meant that shoes were heavy and legs were cold for the last mile or so across yet more muddy fields to the finish for a well-earned cup of soup.

A fabulous fourth overall was Tad, followed by Clive, Bernie, Jim, Matt, Alan, Jamie with Sally and Andy crossing the line at the same time.

Well done everyone!

Derby Runner XC - Holly Hayes Wood - Sunday 26th November 2017

We had 5 men and 3 ladies racing today on a varied and sometimes technical course. Great support as usual from the marshals and also Andy and Razzle braving the  chill and drizzle. In the mens' race Jim Hawley was followed home by John Redfearn, Mike Turner, Matt and Andy Kemp. In the Ladies' race, Lorna led Bernie and Sally. Mince pies and cakes were well deserved at the end! Well done everyone!

University of Leicester Relays - Saturday 25th November 2017

We entered 2 teams in the mixed teams event. Bernie got us underway in Team A. followed by Mike Turner and Matt for a 3km run around a chilly Victoria Park. Team B comprised Jamie, Sally and Vince. We finished 9th and 13th out of 15 teams, quite respectable I think considering most of the other runners were students and at least a couple of years younger than us! A great team event, plenty of encouragement from the marshals and also how often do you get to run a 3km race? Well done everyone!

Ennerdale Trail Run 50k - Saturday 21st October 2017

Report from Tad. I really enjoyed the 50km yesterday, stunning scenery, such a beautiful place. Very well organised event, the most enjoyable ultra I've done!

I finished 6th overall out of around 60 finishers in around 4 hrs 45 mins.

Ennerdale Trail Run 25k - Sunday 22nd October 2017

Report from Tad. Bernie was 1st FV60 at the Ennerdale Trail 25km today, time 2 hrs 35 mins. Another trophy for her mantelpiece!

Derby Runner Cross Country - Bagworth Heath - Sunday 22nd October 2017

Eight of us made our way to Bagworth Heath to start the cross country season. We had a couple of first time XC'ers and I think they enjoyed it! There was a slight issue during the week getting access to some land for part of the route, so the course was shortened from the original 6.5 miles. I think there was also a slight directing mishap where the leaders were sent around the small loop a second or third time instead of going on the longer loop, so we ended up doing about 5.25 miles. I think that was sufficient! The wind eased off a bit for the run, but there was still plenty of mud and hills to contend with. Finishing order the ladies' team - Vicky, Sally, Jude and Jo, while for the men it was Clive, Mike, Matt and Andy. Well done everyone!

Leicester Marathon and Half Marathon - Sunday 15th October 2017

Sally ran well on her debut marathon and was smiling most of the way round, she certainly kept that quiet! Well done for finishing in 4:35:54.

Meanwhile, over the Half Marathon course we had a pb from Suzy and debuts for Russ and Alex.

Lisa Stone 1:44:09, Lorna Muskett 1:43:37, Hannah Carter 1:50:15, Alexander Smyth 1:50:26, Vicky Beaumont 1:52:03, Anna-Maria Walsh 1:57:28, Zoe Collard 1:57:29, Suzanne Clampin 1:57:43, Amber Mackay 2:12:34, Russell Bland 2:12:47, Andrew Emmins 2:12:47, Kirit Patel 2:14:20,  Sarah Allen 2:35:27

Equinox 24, Belvoir Castle – 23rd / 24th September 2017

We were very lucky again with the weather at Equinox 24 in the grounds of Belvoir Castle. There was some rain on Friday mind you, and we were grateful to the early birds getting there Friday to set up camp and get involved in the Friday evening festivities such as the beer run. The rest of the weekend was warm and sunny during the day and mild over night, so the course was relatively dry apart from a few puddles and the odd slippery section.

The main attraction of this event for me is that everyone is there to take part and push themselves to go beyond what they previously thought was possible – it’s not easy to list the weekend’s achievements as there were so many. With inspiration all around us from the solo runners all the way down to the walk/runners, from complete strangers to club mates and friends competing in other teams or solo, it is hard not to try and push that little bit harder.

We had 2 teams out, the best turnout I think in our 3 years attending! Representing the Kibworth 8 were: Jill, John, Adelle, Jamie, Jo, Andy, Julie and Karen. Out for Fleckney & Kibworth (I know, we need to work on our team names!) were: Sally, Bernie, Matt, Mike, Jude, Martin and Vince. We are still waiting for the official results to be tidied up (I think there was a problem overnight with the chip timing mats) but I think K8 completed 21 laps and F&K completed 25 laps, although both of those could be out by a lap.

Well done all! I think it’s safe to say that the event is tough but fun and most of us ended up going further and faster than we thought was possible at the start!

Report by Matt and Bernie

LRRL Joy Cann 5 - Wednesday 2nd August 2017

F&K had several runners competing at this race, held over 5 miles at Huncote. The Joy Cann 5 is one of the flatter courses in the league, although still containing some noticeable undulations to keep the runners on their toes. First home for the club was Jamie Strange in 22nd position overall, with an impressive time of 29.32. Next was Rob Archer in 31.03, followed by Andy Emmins in 34.51. Beth Ronchetti was our first female across the line in 34.58 and next came Lorna Muskett in 36.09. Tom Foyster finished in 37.16, followed by Jim Hawley in 37.48 and Lisa Stone in 38.11. Sally Swift finished next in 38.33, with Andy Findlay coming home in 39.27 and Hannah Carter in 39.48. Alan Gibson finished in 40.39 and Jamie Owen in 40.55, followed by Andy Kemp in 42.33. Next was Kirit Patel in 44.42 and Jo Thacker in 47.14. Dan Pedley completed his first league race for the club in 47.23, followed by Victoria Hawley in 49.55 and Karen Foyster in 51.20.

Ashby 20 - Sunday 19th March 2017

Anna, Andy E, Bethany and Clive all ran the Ashby 20 today, I hope the wind didn't slow them down too much, judging by the times I've seen on Strava it didn't! Well done all!

Charnwood Marathon - Saturday 18th March 2017

Three of us ran the Charnwood Marathon today. Vicky had an excellent run to finish the 16 mile route in 2:4, she was very pleased. Mike Turner and I did the 27 mile route. I was 3rd in 3:58 with Mike Turner finishing in 5:08. Really friendly event and stunning route, a great day out!

Report by Tad

LRRL - Markfield 10k - Sunday 12th March 2017

We had a good showing of 11 runners at today's race, who were Andy K, Andy F, Karen F, Tom F, Sally, Anna, Jim, Alan, Vicky, Hannah and myself. Conditions were good - a bit damp but mild with a decent temperature for running. The course was unchanged from previous years, with a long downhill start followed by some sharp hills near Thornton which came as something of a shock. There was thankfully then a flat section alongside Thornton reservoir and over the motorway towards Markfield, where I felt able to recover somewhat after the previous hills. Runners then turned left through Markfield village which was another uphill drag, followed by the final flat-ish section which included one final sting in the tail at 9km. From the post-race comments it sounds like there were some excellent performances across the board, with Anna Walsh running well despite a 20 mile outing yesterday, Bernie showing a continuation of her excellent form and Tom Foyster who was hot on Bernie's heels which is no mean feat. Andy Kemp showed that he is really getting that consistency back now as he also finished strongly. There was a good atmosphere amongst our team today and it would be great to have more of the same at Desford in 2 weeks. Results from Markfield have not yet been released but well done everyone on a great effort and you are reaping the rewards for some excellent work in training recently which has not gone unnoticed !

Report by Tad

Derby Runner XC - Bosworth – Sunday 5th March 2017

We had 5 runners taking on more mud in this event.  Well done to John, Sally, Tad, Alan and Andy who all finished.  Congratulations to Tad for achieving 4th place overall in the Derby X-country series.

Peatling Challenge 10.30 am Sunday 5th March 2017

A number of club runners took on the very muddy Peatling Challenge.  In the 13 mile event, Lorna Muskett  finished 3r  lady in a time of 1 hour 57 mins, just ahead of Kat, followed by Mike Turner, Claire Beach and Stacey Voss.  Fraser Danvers completed the 7 mile race.  Well done to everyone.

LRRL - Stilton 7 - Sunday 26th February 2017

6 runners took on the Stilton 7 today, Tad (37th in 43:29), Bernie (211th in 53:27), Tom Foyster (235th in 55:30), Anna-Maria (264th in 57:05), Vicky Beaumont (296th in 58:49) and Andy Kemp (416th in 01:09). Well done everyone! Good to see Andy K back racing regularly.

Derby Runner XC - Allestree Park, Derby – Sunday 19th February 2017

A few of us made the long trip to Allestree Park near Derby for the penultimate Cross Country race of the current season and it was worth the long journey for the very rewarding course that we were presented with. There was a glorious downhill section along woodland paths during the second half of each of the two laps, followed by a flat section around a beautiful lake. The first half of each lap required most of the endurance as it was mainly uphill and very muddy in places, plus there was a sting in the tail as the final field involved a testing climb which didn't look like much until you had ran six muddy miles and obtained extremely tired legs!

There were some strong performances from our runners, with Bernie finishing 50th for the ladies and 19th place in the men's race for myself. Mike Turner followed me, finishing around 190th, and Jim Hawley was 234th, with skipper Andy Kemp doing well to finish his first XC race of the season, welcome back Andy, sorry I don't recall your finishing position! For the ladies, Bernie was followed by Jude Hughes and Jo Raine (sorry again for the lack of knowledge on your results!). Well done also to Jo who has not raced much for a while and this was her first XC race in some time. Good to have you back!


Derby Runner XC League, Race 2, Markfield - Sunday 13th November 2016

Report from Tad and Andy
Another excellent XC race today with a great attendance of 10 runners for F&K. Conditions were quite good, the odd muddy patch but nice sunshine and perfect temperature.
We were 3 short for a full mens team but the ladies had a full team plus 1. 1st in for the men was Tad in 30th place then Clive 86th I think then Andy Emmins, Mike Turner and Alan Gibson. 1st for ladies was Lorna Muskett followed by Sally Swift, Bernie Owen, Jude Hughes and Edey King. Special mention for Clive Mason and Edey King on their 1st XC for the club. Well done to you all and here's to the next XC!

Seagrave Wolds Challenge Saturday 12th November 2016

Report from John
We all had a good run at Seagrave this morning. The rain was not too bad. Light rather than heavy. Quite a few members and ex members. Vicky, Tad, Claire and Stacey, Kate Dormer, Kate, Steve Hollingsworth and my cycling companion Russ. Tad, even though he was holding back in preparation for tomorrows XC , was in the top 10 or there abouts. The course was predominantly XC but with significant tarmac section. Everyone enjoyed this year's course which took in Cossington, Mountsorrel, Swithland Reservoir, Quorn and Barrow. Particularly nice was the section along the Soar near Mountsorrel. As usual there were frequent Cake Stalls on route and crumble and custard in the hall afterwards. I was particularly impressed with Vicky run she finished in about 2.40. 10 minutes ahead of me.  Aileen was also out walking the route.


Equinox 24 - Belvoir Castle - 17th and 18th September 2016

It was a fantastic weekend at Belvoir Castle again as we took 2 teams to compete in the Equinox 24 endurance race. Some amazing efforts from everyone and great support. Jill was there, despite her recent ankle injury, to support her team with some great efforts from Jude, Jo, John, Alan, Karen, Andy K and Julie. Unfortunately Andy and Julie both succumbed to ankle injuries putting them out of the race on lap 1, but the rest of the team put in a great effort to keep the laps rolling on. Tad, Bernie, Sally, Andy F, Andy E, Tony, Mike and myself were on the other team, old niggles and recent injuries took their toll again, but we kept it going through to the end, hopefully with a finish in or near the top 20. Great support from Jill, Jane, Steve, Adelle, Natalie, Aiden and Daniel. I can highly recommend this event, it doesn't matter how quick you are or how many laps you can do, just being there, taking part and supporting the teams is the main aim. This was the first time some people had been camping for years, let alone running hilly cross country laps in the dark with very little sleep!  Well done everyone!

We had 2 teams out this year, "Fleckney and Kibworth A" and "Kibworth 8" (although it ended up being 7!). Tad (FKA) and Jude (K8) led the teams off midday Saturday, Tad and Jo brought them 'home' again midday Sunday. Great efforts from everyone. I think the main thing that stands out for me is how everyone hit their target lap times, and the number of people who wanted to get out there for another lap despite niggles and injuries. What teamwork! Final results aren't back yet, but really that's not the main aim, its all about team work and individual goals. Well done everyone, get some rest now!

Reports by Matt Rix

John Fraser 10 - Sunday 4th September 2016

The club had a decent number of runners by our own modest standards as we headed to Countesthorpe for the "grand finale" of this year's Leicestershire Road Running League. I was looking forward to racing a longer distance, being sick of those speedsters who blast through the shorter races. I attempted to give some advice at the start to clubmates who had not run this course before and of course I was met with sighs and rolling eyes when I did so! In the end, I warned everyone not to start too quickly in the first couple of miles which contain a fair amount of downhill... and then I proceeded to start too quickly myself. After 3 miles I knew I needed to hold back a bit but fortunately I seemed to recover as I slowed my pace during the middle miles and I was able to finish strongly. I narrowly avoided being beaten by any ladies so that was, of course, a very nice bonus! John, Matt and Sally apparently had quite a tussle amongst themselves and when Matt overtook John, John was "not having that" and promptly got back ahead. I was pleased for Sally to finish a longer race with no problems, even if she did say she was "not racing it". I think I have heard that one before. Bernie led the ladies home, with Lorna, Lisa and Vicky all running well too and seeming quite pleased at the finish. New club member James also finished and was very happy to finish in 80mins in his first ever league race. Special thanks go to our faithful supporters including Karen F, Martin and Andy K who was marshalling at halfway. Personally I have had a very enjoyable league season, I really love the challenging, varied courses and the fantastic atmosphere amongst the runners - whilst the competitive element is certainly there if that is what you are looking for, some of the time it seems just like a very large bunch of mates out doing what they love to do. Quite right too!

Report by Tad

Club results from today are below:

Tad - 61.35 (35th Place)
Bernie Owen - 76.19 (250th)
Lorna Muskett - 77.47 (272nd)
James Tate - 80.24 (322nd)
Lisa Stone - 84.08 (379th)
John Redfearn - 86.11 (414th)
Sally Swift - 86.17 (417th)
Matt Rix - 86.23 (419th)
Vicky Beaumont - 89.45 (469th)

Badgers Atherstone 10k - Sunday 28th August 2016

Jude and I ran a warm and challenging Atherstone Badgers 10k this morning. I finished in 51m 57s finishing in 143rd place and 4th in my age category. Jude finished in 56m13s in 226 place and was 13th in her age category. It was a well organised, picturesque race including a private estate and was well worth it with a medal, t-shirt and goodie bag at the finish.

Race report from Sally

Prestwold 10km - Sunday 26th June 2016

I had a nice enjoyable run round the Prestwold 10km this morning. The first half of this race is a little bit dull as you run round the Prestwold race circuit (although as I was busy talking to other runners it seemed to pass quite quickly), the second half of the race is then on nice quiet country lanes. Given the number of hilly courses in Leicestershire it was nice to have a chance to run a flat race. And best of all everyone was given a bottle of Charnwood Brewery’s ‘Prestwold Passion’ tawny ale at the end! There was also a nice race village at the start/finish and a fun run for kids. Given recent illnesses (and a pulled muscle from coughing so much) I was really pleased to get round in about 46:45 – I’d forgotten how much fun racing is -  and how friendly other runners are!

Report by Lorna

Harborough 5 - Tuesday 14th June 2016

Despite the rain at the start I had a really nice run round the Harborough 5 on Tuesday evening. Its nice running such a local race on pretty country lanes. It was a small turnout from the club with just Lisa Stone and I running. The lap of the field at the start was a bit congested and I started a bit far back and lost time. There is then a lovely fast couple of miles down hill from Foxton Locks Lubbenham. Admittedly you do need to then run back up the hill to Foxton Locks, however, the fact you know you’ve only got a short distance to go makes it seem relatively easy. However, the lap of the wet muddy, slippy field at the end was hard work! I was pleased to run about 37:42, while Lisa was pleased to run just over 40 min (If it has been chip timed she would have been under 40 min).

Report by Lorna

Derby Runner XC League - Grace Dieu – Sunday January 31st 2016

14 of us including a few debut runners completed the 2 laps at Thringstone. First over the line was Tad for the men and Lorna for the ladies. This was a challenging 2 lap course with 2 streams to cross and plenty of mud. The members that ran were Tad, Mike Higgins, Matt Rix, Mike Turner, Andrew Findlay, Andy Kemp and Vic Connolly for the men, Lorna Musket, Bernie Owen, Sally Swift, Anna Kirk, Adelle Owen, Jo Raine and Jude Hughes for the ladies. This is by far the best turn out we have had for XC and with the great cooking of lemon drizzle cake from Jill I would say it was a success!

Well done all and see you at the next XC!

Andy K

Equinox 24 – September 19th / 20th 2015 – Belvoir Castle

Our team consisted of Tad, John, Matt, Mike Turner, Bernie, Andy K, Andy E and Tony (who was a "deadline day transfer" to take Martin's place as he unfortunately could not make it). Loyal supporters were Julie, Adele, Jane and Jill, plus there was lots of general encouragement from everyone on site throughout the 24 hours. The course around the Belvoir Castle estate was fairly hilly (a couple of main hills) with a mix of tarmac and grass. Beautiful weather made the setting really stunning with views of the castle, lakes and surrounding area really worth seeing. Mike lead us off at Noon on Saturday and the team had someone out on the course for the entire duration, finishing with 26 laps (10km per lap) between us. Not bad considering quite a few of us were partly crocked either before or during the race ! Not much sleep was had by anyone through the night - well done to Bernie who got lost on her night lap and nearly ended up taking a dip in the lake. Also great effort to Andy E, who did back-to-back laps in the darkness before having to leave early. Everyone did themselves and the team proud with consistent running and I think everyone had a lot of fun. I am sure that there are numerous quotes worth repeating and photos worth sharing but that will have to wait as I am in no fit state currently to remember all the details. I would strongly advise everyone to consider this for next year - really good support from spectators and fellow runners alike with a vast range of abilities to be seen out on the course.


John Fraser 10 mile - Sunday 6th September 2015

Lovely sunshine greeted us but it was not too hot! Pretty testing course. Undulating with some long gentle hills with lots of short  testing ones. Tad was first in followed by Tom Lister, then Mike Turner and Bernie who is running like a train at the moment (spot on time!) Next was Tony D then me (John), followed by Lorna after taking 3 ladies in the last 10 metres. Matt followed next then Adelle. Anna unfortunately had to pull up with a bad stitch. Unlucky Anna I am sure you will recover and move on well from this.
Well done everyone.

John Redfearn

Carl Rutt Hermitage 10k - Sunday 23rd August 2015

As I said earlier a tough race. The countryside and views were nice in the sunshine. The first 2 or 3 miles are up hill so you are up against it from the off with no chance to warm up! Thereafter the race is "undulating" with the worst of the hills over. It culminates in a gentle , but unwelcome, climb back up to Leisure Centre for the finish on the flat on grass , just great for a sprint finish if you have anything left in the tank! Rob was first home followed by Tad and Mike. I tussled with Pete on the playing field, he overtook me first, wresting a Bolt- like acceleration from the fatigue, I upped my pace to his and managed to find the pace to inch past home before the line in a time of about 50 mins. Not far behind was Lorna followed by Alan and Andy.
It was nice to meet by the campervan for teas, coffees and Gill's now legendary Lemon Drizzle Cake and to mull over how the race went. Great to see Lorna racing again and thanks to Fred, Jessica, Natalie, Aiden and particularly Gill for your support.

LRRL Swithland 6 – Sunday 7th June 2015

22 club runners arrived in Mountsorrel in the sunshine for the first summer LRRL race this morning. It was hot for the race but not so hot as to be a problem. It was great to see so many of us turning out. Even Vince turned out! The race had no severe hills but the course had a number of inclines , shall we say! It wends its way around Swithland reservoir so gets away from busy roads.
I made a rough note of people's times. Sorry Mike I missed yours! They are by no means accurate, I may have even got the following order wrong. If so apologies. First in was Rob (Archer) in a little over35 minutes, beating Tad by over 2 minutes. Next in was Andy E in well over 41 minutes. I guess Mike was in next ahead of Tony at 43 minutes. Up next was Pete in 44 mins, Berni in 45 and Lisa well over 45. I was pleased with my time of under 47 minutes. Terry, nursing his injured ankle, came in a little after followed by Vince and Matt in about 48 mins. Anna was next over the line in 51 mins, Alan not far behind. Hannah crossed the line in 55 minutes Jo not far behind in 56 mins. Adelle gave an exhibition of sub 10 sprinting as she crossed the line in 58 minutes.
At 1 hour 2 minutes we were hit by a green and yellow tidal wave, no tsunami, at the finishing line. The line was on a narrow lane with hedges either side. First to hit were Sarah, Claire P and Karen P , all three side by side, rushed down the lane, engulfing the finishing line. Soon after Andy K and Karen F surged over the line too.
Well done to everybody who raced today.

Arnesby Cross Country Race - Monday 25th May, 2015

A few F&K runners turned up for this local race over the shortest 5 miles ever (unless you took a wrong turn and increased the distance - no names mentioned) and it was good to see Vic complete his first race for the club. Also well done to Bernie who collected the prize for 1st lady vet at the presentation after the race. Also running were Tad, Tony, Martin and Jo - plus there was some much appreciated support from the sidelines.

Inaugural Harborough Parkrun - 25th April, 2015

The Harborough parkrun was blessed with a bright, warm morning for the first event and a turnout of over 110 runners. The course is very scenic, flat with many twists and turns. Tad was 10th (20.06), Tony Dobson 22nd (22.36), Jamie Owen 31st (23.36), Vince Brown 43rd (24.58), Anna Kirk 54th (26.02) out of 111 finishers.

Leicester Half and Full Marathon - 2012

Despite the near freezing conditions 10 members took part in the Leicester Half Marathon this morning. At the start, the temperatures were barely above zero, however by the end of the race it was a glorious sunny Autumn morning.

Tom had a great run finishing 1st F&K runner and 58th overall in a time of 1:30:24 (chip time 1:28:27). This was well inside his goal time . I was next home in 1:43:04 (1:40: 58 chip), it wasn't my best time but the race did seem to cure my tonsilitus. Claire and Stacey finished together in 1:47:26 (chip 1:45:29). Stacey was taking it relatively easy before his knee operation next week - I am sure all of the club wishes him the best and hope he recovers quickly.

Unfortunately, Vince couldn't quite maintain his normally very consistent pace of 8 minute miles for the entire race, however he still did very well finishing in 1:50:20 (1:47:42). Luke was next to finish in 1:52:33 (chip 1:49:55) followed by Alan in 2:01:19 (chip 1:58:31). Not only did Alan break the 2 hour mark, but he also raised over £500 for charity. Dressed in Beautiful fancy dress Lucie and Aileen finished 2:12:22 (2:07:18). Jo finished in an impressive 2:45:45 (2:40:06). I believe this is ~20 minutes quicker than her previous PB - well done Jo. In addition, well done to a former member Terry Challoner who finished in 1:39:53 (1:37:53).

In the full marathon Noel finished 18th (5th Vet 40) in a very impressive 2:59:44 (2:58:10 chip). This is just outside the club record he set in 2009. As someone who was knackered after 13.1 miles, I can't imagine how tough running 26.2 miles was - well done Noel, that really is a great achievement.

I would also like to say a big thanks to Andy Kemp who marshalled in Abbey Park (if it wasn't for volunteers like Andy these events wouldn't take place), as well as John who took photos and put the flag up for us to meet up at at the start and finish. And of course all the supporters round the course.

Report by Lorna Muskett

LRRL Kibworth 6 - 2012 

There is no doubt that the Kibworth 6 is one of the hardest and one of the most enjoyable of the LRRL races. Both Saddington Hill and Gumley Hill are real killers. For non-elite runners like myself it is quicker to walk Gumley Hill than run it. However, these two challenges are more than made up for by the picturesque mile past the reservoir and on to the bottom of Gumley Hill and the long down hill from Gumley back toward Smeeton. Add that to the beautiful weather today and the great support from Lucie, Aileen, Terry, Fraser and others (not to mention Aileen's wonderful cake), and I can't think of a better way to spend a Sunday morning.

There was a great turn out for the club today. As in previous races this season the real battle of the race was between Jamie Strange and Duncan, with Jamie again being the first F&K member home in a time of 35:37 (21st). Duncan finished one place behind (22nd) in a time of 35:56. Next home was Josh (50th) in 38:27, who finished literally seconds ahead of top Under 20 runner Jack Williams (51st, 38:29). Just over a minute behind, in just his second race for the club was Richard Johnson (66, 39:40). Next home was Mike Turner (96, 41:45) who finished just ahead of a rejuvenated Dave Wheeler, who ran far better than at Markfield two weeks ago (99, 42:01). John Redfearn was the eighth runner home (191, 46:52), followed by Vince Brown (225, 48:38), Luke St Clair (238, 49:16)and Jon Stone (259, 51:04), who I am sure was pleased to beat wife Lisa. Next was new member Mark Evans (261, 51:16). It was good to see Rich Young (343, 60:11) back racing, he ran well to finish just ahead of Andy Bailey (344, 60:25). Roy Myring was the final runner home in 349th (62:05). However not content with running 6 miles Roy went on to run a second 6 miles later that day at the Sport Relief Mile!

In the Women's race I led the way home in 43:31 (14th woman), followed closely by Kate Dormer (15, 44:40). Next home was Bernie is 46th (49:36) and Lisa Stone, who despite her lack of recent training ran a respectable time of 52:46 (61).

Report by Lorna Muskett

LRRL Markfield 10k - 2012

It felt good to be racing in beautiful spring like conditions in today's Markfield 10K a perfect spring day.
Congratulations to Bernie who kept the flag flying for the ladies without her participation there would have been no representation for the fairer sex and well done to her for a fine run giving her 38th place in 48:28 for the ladies section.
There were also a number of outstanding performances in the men's section but sadly with only 7 men going to the line we once again posted a no result for failing to field a full complement of eight to score and so sad to report both men and ladies will continue to fill the relegation places in their respective divisions.

But this should not detract from the excellence of various performances on the day. A special well done to Jamie who is starting to get back to his very best and is turning out for the club consistently as he continues to prepare for next month’s London Marathon and he franked this by posting his best LRRL result this year in 21st place and a time of 36.29. Duncan ran in line with his recent good form to finish 30th in 37:18. Josh was our third finisher in 39;44 for 71st place which was a good step up from his result in the Desford 10K and he was hotly pursued by young 16 year old Jack Williams who ran an heroic 39.30 for 73rd place. I say heroic as Jack only received a call up on Friday to represent Leicestershire in Saturday's Inter Counties Cross Country Championships in Birmingham. To then run half of that race with only one shoe and then turn out for us was a great gesture and very uplifting to share amongst us.  Following behind Josh and Jack was a very fine debut from Richard Johnson who returned 41;24 in 102st place and from the evidence we have seen we know that there will be plenty of improvement to come. There was then a considerable gap to myself in 159th place and a time of 44:14. Closing out result was Andy in 300th spot and a time of 62:37.

There were some heart warming performances here, i have already mentioned Jack's effort but let us again salute Andy's commitment which must be around a 100 mile round trip for each LRRL race he competes in and he is at 100% for the season. We should also again stop to applaud Jamie's superb result today which he has managed whilst training for the London Marathon. Let us salute these three clubmates in particular and draw inspiration from them as we approach the final winter league fixture on our home patch.

Report by Dave Wheeler

LRRL Desford 10k - 2012 

(Dave Wheeler)  On a busy weekend of racing for Fleckney and Kibworth Athletics Club the third chapter of the Leicester Road Running League, The Ashby 5 Miles, provided the centepiece attraction. This popular race with its fast and mainly downhill finish attracted its usual large turnout and was hotly contested at all levels. As before in the previous race Duncan Campbell and Jamie Strange ran in virtual parallel but with a change in fortunes on this occasion as outstanding Vet 45-49 Campbell recorded his first ever leading finish for the club dipping below 29 minutes in a terrific time of 28:57 for 26th place and hotly pursued by Strange who also recorded his best finish of the season with his 28:59 gaining him 27th place. With a number of leading male athletes training for long distance races there was then a significant gap before Dave Wheeler placed third for the club and 158th on the day crossin the line in 33:47. Further down the field but all battlling hard and true to the tape were John Redfearn who upon his seasonal debut should be pleased with his time of 37:26 to place 252nd followed by Luke St Clair taking a break from his ongoing half marathon expliots to record 324th place in 39:13 and then followed by seasoned campaigners Jon Stone 349th in 40:10 and Andy Bailey 467th in 48:84.

In the women's section again a lack of appettite for league action was to the fore with only Bernadette Owen and Lisa Stone making the trip to North West Leicestershire although both performed with their customary gusto. Owen placed 45th in 38:37 whilst Stone was home in 39:32 to cross the line in 67th place.

Derby XC Runner League - Ullesthorpe2012 

(Dave Wheeler) Today i took part in the final cross country league race of the season which was held at a new venue at Manor Farm Ullesthorpe hosted by Hinckley Running Club. It really was a excellent test of approx 5.5 miles of a one lap course which was really demanding and undulating in parts and including two brook crossings the first of which was a literally up to your knees affair and quite difficult to scramble out of!  There was also a very hard uphill finish which made of a very interesting race and it's a real shame that more club mates come not come along given the relatively local nature of the event. I ran a tentative 43:47 to finish 121st as i was nursing a suspect ankle and blistered feet and i guess in a sense i was relived to see the XC season over without mishap! 

LRRL Desford 10k - 2012

(Lorna Muskett) Today 12 members braved the cold and took part in the Desford 10km. There was a change of venue this year with the race starting and finishing in Market Bosworth. Unfortunately this venue was not really designed for the large number of runners, and our club was relegated to meeting in a Shed at the back of the Rugby Club! However, the course was quite enjoyable if a little tough. The first half was very quick being predominantly downhill. The second half was inevitably a lot harder with one long and one short uphill (although I am sure there was more downhill than uphill!).

The highlight of the race was Jamie and Duncan racing each other right to the line, with Jamie just winning, and thereby finishing 30th in a time of 36:34. I am sure Duncan was pleased with his time of 36:35 (31st), which was a massive PB - well done Duncan. Next home was Stacey in 37:54 (59th) followed by Josh in 40:21 (103rd), Mike in 42:10 (151st), Luke in 48:02 (254th), Willem in 49:28 (277th), Jon Stone in 52:07 (297th) and Andy Bailey (who as usual was invaluable by getting to the race early and helping organise everyone) finished in a time of 63:15 (328th).

In the Women's race I was the first home in a time of 44:11 (18th), followed closely by Claire in 46:25 (30th) and Bernie 47:54 (46th). Unfortunately for the second race running we were unable to field a full Women's team. 

LRRL Barrow - 2012

(Dave Wheeler) In the women's section there was some degree of disappointment as for the first time in five years we failed to field a scoring team of four and it was left to the plucky and willing trio of Helen Newberry, Bernadette Owen and Lisa Stone to represent the club. Newberry is in a rich vein of form and in this her third season she showed that her current training regime for April's London Marathon is not hindering her progression as she posted an excellent finish of 17th in a time of 42:45. Bernadette Owen continues to reel off consistent results year after year and was again consistency personified as she returned 45:34 and seal 41st place. Making her seasonal debut after a long break from racing Lisa Stone closed the women's result out with 59th place, a finish time of 47:06.

In the men's race there were once again a large number of notable absentees due to injury and various commitments. First home was Jamie Strange who can be pleased to record 44th place in 35:05 after a recent injury lay off and he will looking to upgrade this as he get more quality training under his belt. There was then a nip and tuck effort by Duncan Campbell and Noel Houlihan wo raced the majority of the race together with Campbell prevailing in 36:23 for 64th place with Houlihan finishing in close order, his 74th spot achieved in 36:50. Fellow Masters runners Mike Turner and Dave Wheeler battled up Capstick Hill together with Turner 147th in 40:26 and Wheeler 152nd in 40:43.

There was a excellent performance by the clubs next finisher Luke St Clair who only made his league debut in the final event of the 2011 season and has started his first full year of racing by taking the 6th scoring place for the club when he crossed the line in 45:20 for 262nd place. With vital league points still to be gained every club mate was cheered in as Willem Veldhuzen, Jon Stone and Andy Bailey rounded off the day's results all with battling efforts. Veldhuzen- 313rd in 47:59 was narrowly ahead of Stone - 320th in 48:18 but there was much celebration for the reliable Masters 55 Bailey who shattered his personal best for the distance in a time of 56:00 for 372nd spot.

Derby XC Runner League - Grace Dieu - 2012

(Lorna Muskett) This morning a small group of intrepid F&K members braved the cold weather to take part in the Grace Dieu XC race. As you can imagine the two stream crossings were particularly chilly! This has got to be one of the most challenging short (i.e. less than 10 miles) races that we do - that said it is also one of the most interesting/enjoyable. After a gentle start round some hilly fields you follow a track through the woods that seems to go up and up (approx 100m of climbing) with a number of short steep craggy hills. Then it is flat out down hill back through the woods for a mile or more (the only problem is the tree roots, mud and rocks). The finishing mile round some more hilly fields is tough with the final short climb to the finish being a real killer - it was great fun!

Jack Williams led the way home finishing 42nd (and that was without eating any breakfast!), Dave was 192nd. He would of finished far higher up but unfortunately twisted his ankle over twice (the starter did announce at the start that 'this course is dangerous!'). I was first home for the ladies in 13th place (spurred on up the last hill by Ian telling me there was a woman just behind me - I didn't have time to check whether he was telling the truth or not), while Lucie finished well in 57th.

County XC Championships - 2012

(Lorna Muskett) Yesterday was the Leicestershire and Rutland Cross Country Championships. Unfortunately there weren't any team medals this year (we didn't have enough runners in any age group to qualify) but there were some strong individual performances. The results are particularly impressive given the number of top quality athletes who take part in this event. The multiple lap course was pretty fast. There was a nice down hill start followed by a muddy stream to splash through, unfortunately after that there was a long uphill, before a mile or so of undulating grassy fields.

The Senior/Masters (over 35)/U20 women ran 6km. Lorna led the way home in 16th (8th Sen) in 27:59, followed by Kate who was 23rd in 29:58 (10th Masters), Helen who was 24th (9th sen) in 30:06 and Bernie who was 34th (18th Masters) in 33:15. The Mens Masters/Seniors/U20 race was over a distance of 10km. Alex Prettyman had a great run leading the men home in 49th place (26th senior) in a time of 46:24, closely followed by Josh who was 51st (28th senior) in 46:36. Dave Wheeler was 79th (37th Masters) in 50:58 and Jamie Davies 98th (52nd Masters) in 57:36. We also had some good results in the Junior age groups with Charlotte Mathers finishing 13th in the U13 girls (15:47) and Luke Mathers finishing 15th in the U17 Men in 25:26. I should also like to mention a few former members/2nd claim runners who had really good races: Jack Williams (representing Robert Smyth) was 6th in the U17 men, while Chris Parkes Bowen (representing Wreake) was 11th. While in the Masters/Senior/U20 Mens race Jamie Short (representing Leicester Coritanians) was 24th (4th U20) and Michael Burke (Harborough) was 63rd. A big well done to everyone who raced.

 Derby XC Runner League - Allestree - 2011

(Lorna Muskett) The course description might have said that there was one hill on each of the two laps, what they didn't say was that the hill was about one and a half miles long- there were a few flat and downhill bits to give you a breather - but it was hard work! This was a great XC course (about 6 miles long) along muddy tracks through the woods, the second half of each lap was pretty fast being predominatly down hill, however the long gentle hill up to the finish was a real killer! I was the only F&K representative at the race. I was quite pleased with my run and finished 11th. It would be nice to see a few more people at the next XC League race, and of course the County Championships at the beginning of January.

Derby XC Runner League – Foremark - 2011

(Lorna Muskett) Despite the fog and the hills I thought todays Foremark XC race was really enjoyable, and it was the first XC race of the season where there was mud! Its a tough little 2 lap course with 2 big hills, one of which was really slippery (even if you walked it like me) and then a fast section on a bridle path to finish. As usual Karl led the men home finishing tenth, followed by Josh (41st), Jack (47th) Stacey (54th) and Dave (160th). In the Women's race I was 15th followed very closely by Claire (24th), Jody (30th) and Bernie (47th). It was really good to see Jody back racing for us.

Six of the best do county proud and Kibworth girls race to relay glory

The long cross country season reached its crescendo for members of Fleckney & Kibworth Athletics club with double success in two notable events. Six months of sound planning which commenced with the club's boys squad capturing the Midlands relay championships at Melton Mowbray in October came to a head in The Inter Counties cross country championships held at Birmingham's Cofton Park whilst nearer to home and ending where it all began in Melton Mowbray the county schools cross country relays was another key event.

The Inter Counties brings together the very best athletes from all four corners of The United Kingdom with squads from the likes of Scotland and Cornwall amongst the front runners and marks the final domestic "heavyweight" clash of the 2010/11 season. With the cream of Leicestershire & Rutland athletes to select their teams from the county managers did Fleckney & Kibworth a huge honour in selecting six of the clubs athletes to appear on the grand stage more than any other county club outside the illustrious and nationally renowned Leicester Coritanians and Charnwood AC. The fabulous six were under 13 Bryn Williams, his brother Jack and Luke Mathers took Under 15 boys slots whilst Jamie Short and Chris Parkes Bowen, much on the strength of their thrilling personal duel in January's county championships, took their places in the Under 17 men's race. Making up the representation was the club's only senior athlete in the form of ladies captain Lorna Waters.

In the Under 13 boys Bryn Williams had little time for nerves as he had received the call literally at the eleventh hour on Friday evening. An unfortunate consequence of this was the realisation that his specialist cross country spikes at school and thus he was obliged to tackle the mixed terrain with less suitable footwear. In the event he produced a very good effort to place in the top half of the field in 176th place in a time of 12:03 for 3 kilometres to anchor the powerful Leicestershire squad. Equally impressive in the Under 15 boys was elder brother Jack who took his expected slot in the pecking order having been allocated the fourth spot in the starting pen. Also giving a good account of himself was the rapidly improving Luke Mathers in 261st place clocking 18:07.

As the programme reached its climax the Under 17 men's event saw Jamie Short turn the tables on a couple of team mates who had got the better of him in the county championships and he was rewarded with the fourth Leicestershire slot off a six placed pen start to finished a creditable 220th and a time of 22:17 in a very competitive field. Joining him on this test was Chris Parkes Bowen who can be pleased with 253rd place which saw him over the line in 22:46. Reflecting the notable ability of the Fleckney & Kibworth area to breed outstanding talent it is also worth recording two other young men from the local villages Stefan Ashman and Jonathan Monk, school contempories of the Fleckney & Kibworth boys and members of Leicester Coritanians. This outstanding statistic meant the two villages alone supplied half of the county squad in this age group category.

Lorna Waters was another late call in the squad overcoming the handicap of having to miss the important qualifying criteria of the county championships with a heavy cold. Now restored to something approaching her best Waters posted a time of 37:16 to place 242nd in the senior women's event.

Meanwhile back in Leicestershire three members of the clubs "hard school" Saturday morning training group supplied three quarters of the Kibworth High School Year 7 girls squad that blasted away all opposition to secure victory in this year Leicestershire & Rutland Schools cross country relay championships. Club regulars Grace Grimmett, Lottie Mathers and reigning girl athlete of the year Elise Tear were joined by school mate Jess Seaton to successfully see of the challenge of a clutch of schools with a long cross country tradition in the form of Manor High School, Loughborough Grammar School and De Lisle School.

Head coach Dave Wheeler reflecting on a highly satisfactory weekend commented "These season ending results endorse the success of our "Club XC" group that we launched back in September and set all our youngsters from school year 7 a challenging circuit around the Saddington and Gumley ridge paths. In the early weeks many in the group were needing to take regular pauses to recover but as was always envisaged we worked these out of the system as the young athletes became progressively stronger and we have arrived at the business end of the season with an elite core who are now regularly acquiring honours with each carefully targeted event that they compete in"

Away from the off road exploits regular training partners Lucie Butwell and Aileen Collins were looking for more secure footing on terra firma as they took on the of the London Half Marathon held at its usual venue the Silverstone racing circuit. In sunny conditions Butwell shattered her personal best for the distance with a time of 1:46:34 and Collins also managed to dip below the key two hour barrier with some comfort in 1:55:31

Kat Takes The Cream as club consolidates fine start to league season

LRRL Desford 10K 27 February 2010

Rapidly improving Fleckney & Kibworth Athletics club star Kat Lovelock turned in the performance of the day as the club's women and men both consolidated their fine start to the 2011 road season. Lovelock who made her competitive league debut just over twelve months is clearly predisposed to the sport and with her best finish to date of 14th in a time of 42:54 just got the better of recently appointed ladies captain Lorna Waters who was celebrating confirmation of her call up to the Leicestershire & Rutland team for next weekends Inter Counties cross country championships at Birmingham's Cofton Park. Waters was just edged out by Lovelock but nevertheless can be very pleased with 15th spot in 43:07. Third finisher for the club was Vet 40 triathlete Rachael Campbell who admitted to not being at her best with a lingering cold but battled resolutely to 29th place and stopped the clock in 44:57. Outstanding Vet 55 runner Bernadette Owen has recently moved into this age category and her time of 46:18 for 37th place will improve her chances of pulling off a third consecutive age group title. Making up the ladies results were league debutants Julia Fox and Rachel McQuaid who responded positively to the clubs urging for more members to embrace the racing environment and both were highly satisfied with crossing the line virtually together in 68th and 69th places although their finishing times still await confirmation.

In the men's section after three consecutive runner up spots in the club's own race pecking order Karl Beardall broke his duck to lead the club home with a 25th place finish and a fine time of 35:46. The bragging rights for this accolade will be right back on the line at the next league race - due to hosted by the Fleckney & Kibworth club - The Kibworth 6 in three weeks time when previous number one finishers Adam Taylor and up and coming star Jamie Short both return to the line up. Jamie Strange was next home showing good consistency across all the league races to date and his time of 36:36 was good enough to secure 35th spot. In close order Noel Houlihan closed out his best finish of the campaign to date in 38th place stopping the clock on 36:39 despite a 20 mile outing the day before as he appraoches maximum mileage on his build up to April's London Marathon where he will be hoping to improve his own and the club record for the classic distance. Following Houlihan was training partner Steve Hollingsworth in a time of 37:05 to bolt down 47th place and close on his tail the improving Josh Smalley reproduced his previous finishing place of 51st in the recent Markfield 10K on this occasion in a time of 37:11. The club's sixth counter was yet another product of the their youth development policy in the shape of 15 year old Jack Williams and with this being his road race debut and an appearance, like Lorna Waters, in next weekends Inter Counties cross country championship's in the offing a measured race strategy including being paced through the opening kilometres by clubmate Sergio Gisbert before taking wing in the closing stages was rewarded with a highly satisfactory 77th place and the suggestion that there will be far more to come in the next couple of seasons as he adjusts to the longer distances in the road running calendar. The aforementioned Gisbert his guide work done plugged away successfully to dip just inside the first hundred finishers to place 99th in 39:33. Securing the all important eight scoring place was a very selfless run by Michael Burke who had previously mailed in as an injury absentee 48 hours earlier but perming a Lazarus like appearance to be rewarded with 121st place.

With the requisite league points secured there was some strong support from the clubs "senior service" as a band of hardy Vet 40, 50 and 60 age category men battled through the elements to take the tape in the following order:-  Dave Wheeler 148th 41:54, Terry Challoner 156th 42:15, Mike Turner 234th, Vince Brown 257th 48:40, Jon Stone 285th 51:54, Rich Young 308th 58:36 and Andy Bailey 315th 59:33.

The club are also reflecting upon more recognition in UK Athletics Inter Counties call up's as in addition to the aforementioned Lorna Waters and Jack Williams both Jamie Short and Chris Parkes Bowen will be wearing the black and gold vests of their home county and with this event due to be televised on Sky Sports club mates will be keeping a beady eye on their TV sets next weekend for glimpses of the intrepid quartet."



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