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Kibworth 6 - Sunday March 19th 2023

Advisory Note for Clubs

Dear Club Chair,

Please advise your club members of the important information below, ahead of next Sunday’s race (Sunday March 19th 2023).


The Kibworth 6 race is licenced for up to 600 competitors. Licence number 2023-45758. Certificate of course accuracy: 14/443


Race HQ will be the Sports Hall, Kibworth High School, which is on Smeeton Road (postcode LE8 0LG).  League Official’s race registration desk, club registration desks and sports clothing sales area will all be in the Sports Hall. Race numbers (with chips attached) can be collected from the registration desk by club representatives for distribution. Please remember to ask members to fill in the safety template on the back.

There will be hot drinks and cake in the sports hall foyer.

There are toilet facilities in the Sports Hall Entrance and additional temporary toilets in the car park. Please impress on runners the need to use the facilities provided. There have been complaints about ‘wild weeing’ in the past and we want to maintain good relations with the residents.

Runners are asked to assemble in the entrance to the MAIN school car park at 10.20am, which should be accessed by turning right (not via the Sports Centre Car Park). Once the road closure is in place, you will be walked to the start.   The race will start promptly at 10.30 a.m. 

Kibworth 6 - 1.png

Cancellation of Race  

The event could be cancelled on the day (or earlier) if extremely poor weather is encountered, the last dynamic risk assessment finds a major issue rendering the race unsafe, a “no show” for medical provision, and unsafe parking of cars around the immediate area of the school causing obstructions to householders and the route race.  

Parking – please car share wherever possible 

The following car parks will be available for runners in order of distance to the start – (closest first): 

• Kibworth High School, Smeeton Road, Kibworth (LE8 0LG) – this car park will be closed until 0900 except for Disabled Drivers and Race Officials.  Only cars with 3 or more occupants will be allowed entry into this car park.  Cars will not be able to exit this car park between 10 a.m. and 10.45 a.m. 

• Kibworth Health Centre, Smeeton Road, Kibworth (LE8 0LG) – small number of places 

• Kibworth Grammar School Hall, School Road, Kibworth, LE8 0EW 

• Kibworth Cricket Club, Fleckney Road, Kibworth, LE8 0HG – this car park is a fair walk to Race HQ and the start 

Kibworth 6 - 2.png

Course Map


Please take care to avoid tripping on the speed cushions at the start.

IMPORTANT: Runners must stay on the left-hand side of the road for the first 5 miles; until after the canal bridge on Gumley Road (as you come back towards Smeeton Westerby). Once you have passed the bridge, when safe to do so, move to the right-hand side of the road and stay on this side until the finish.

The race is run under UKA rules and headphones are not allowed (except for bone conduction-type). Anyone contravening this rule will be disqualified.

Please ask runners not to take their “cool-down” in the direction of the oncoming race runners. This is dangerous due to oncoming traffic and is a likely “disqualification” for any runner that ignores the marshals’ directions. 

It would be preferable for those wanting to “cool-down” to do so towards and around Kibworth village – while taking the necessary care of themselves and others in respect of traffic and other pedestrians. 

While we understand that runners might want to provide support to runners finishing later than themselves, can we please ask that there is no “coaching” of other runners either on foot or by bike at the finish or elsewhere on the course.  (It can be particularly confusing for those managing the finish when runners appear to finish twice). 

If you have any queries about the race please contact:

Andy Kemp, F&K Race Director or Dave Lodwick, Roadhoggs

email                            :

telephone or text          : 07525 465643 

We very much want to provide a safe and enjoyable event for the league runners and look forward to seeing you all on Sunday March 19th 2023     

Andy Kemp Race Director 

Kibworth 6 

Fleckney and Kibworth Running Club

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